How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner


In many cases, flights are the most expensive part of traveling, especially if you are traveling as a family or traveling internationally. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for cheap airline tickets so when a friend told me about Skyscanner, I looked it up immediately. Since then, I have used Skyscanner as the starting point for all of my trip planning. I AM OBSESSED.

Skyscanner is a free search engine that allows you to compare cheap flights across hundreds of different airlines. I love how easy it is to navigate. Skyscanner also offers Car Rental and Hotel fares but for the purpose of this post I will only be focusing on the Flight finder.

So here is why I believe Skyscanner is better than Kayak, Expedia and all the rest:

  1. You don’t have to know where you’re going–  Enter your departure airport in the ‘From’ field. In the ‘To’ field, you have the option to enter Everywhere.  I LOVE this feature and it has been a game changer for me. Everyone asks me how I am able to afford traveling so often and my secret is I have found amazing deals on flights.  Who doesn’t want to fly to Iceland round-trip for less than $450 dollars?!! Skyscanner #1If you know the dates you would like to travel, you can search Everywhere and it will pull flights from cheapest to most expensive in order of country. You can use the drop down arrows to browse cities within countries. These will also filter from cheapest to most expensive. (See picture below)Skyscanner #1Skyscanner #3I know international travel can be intimidating to many so this is a great place to start when considering an international holiday. Side note, did you know 64% of Americans don’t own a passport, SAY WHAT??!!! America, SMH! It’s also great for domestic travel especially if you live out of state from family & friends and travel back home often. I love this method of searching for deals because it leads to destinations you may not have considered. I pulled up Skyscanner with a different destination in mind and ended up booking a nonstop flight to Dubai because the price was too good to be true.
  2. You don’t have to know what dates you’re going– There is an option to choose ‘Cheapest Month’ and Skyscanner will pull flights accordingly. Skyscanner #2Or if I know I want to travel to Boston in May, I can pull up Skyscanner and there is an option to show the entire month. This is so useful if your dates are flexible. Often times by shifting your trip ONE DAY, you can save a lot of money. And I love that it shows the price on each day of the month so I don’t have to spend hours trying to find the cheapest date combination.Skyscanner #3
  3. Exploring Alternate Routes to Destinations– Croatia is on my list of places to visit but I have tried and tried to find airline tickets less than $1300 dollars from Dallas. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack. However, I saw that flying from Dallas to Frankfurt or Venice is a cheaper flight and from either city I can take a local airline that is much less expensive.  Altogether, the tickets were cheaper than booking the Dallas to Croatia route. Multi city flight planning can be tricky and definitely takes more strategic planning. It doesn’t always pan out but it is totally worth it if you save a couple hundred dollars per person. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations to get to your destination!

If you are a travelaholic like me, get ready to spend hours on Skyscanner 🙂

Leave me comments on the best deals you have found!

*All images are taken from Skyscanner website

2 comments on “How to find cheap flights on Skyscanner”

  1. Sorry for mistakenly press the send button.

    * post. I didn’t know this option of Cheapest month on Skyscanner.

    I just normally booked my flight on Skyscanner.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Loved it.

    But I have observed you haven’t been writing more actively now!


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